Saturday, 16 June 2007

Thank God for pepper soup! (2)

Sometimes life does get hot, very hot. It seems like we are passing through fire. We desperately look for alternative routes but the road sign says 'One way, No U-Turn'. The only way to go is forward. As difficult as this may be, the end of the road is joyous. In fact, the fire of affliction may be what we need to get to our next level.

God is committed to passing through with us. Fire, water, valleys, He is always there. The fire is not the destination. Refinement is. Weeping caused by the fire may endure through the night but the joy of refinement comes in the morning. Your morning will come! Your dawn is breaking! Just keep on going and... remember to thank God for pepper soup!

Lord, I choose to keep on going through all I have to go through in order to fully testify of your awesome power. Thank you for the tough times that is preparing me to help others in their tough times. I see my morning dawn! It will shine brighter and brighter till noonday!


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