Monday, 11 June 2007

Possibility thinking

Those who accomplish great things in life train themselves to be possibility thinkers. When everyone around them stand back and think, "That can't be done," they step up and ask, "How can this be done?" Enquiring how a thing can be accomplished already presupposes that it can be done and delivers an array of creative answers to the mind. This is how we must think to see the glory of God.

If we truly believe, we will be possibility thinkers. With God, nothing shall be impossible. Which means, when opportunity for greatness presents itself to us, we would not shrink back in fear, but embrace it and make the most of it. Being a possibility thinker prepares you to walk cooperatively with God, the greatest Possibility Thinker.

Lord, thank You for the privilege to be one with You in Christ. I choose to see things from Your divine persepective of possibility. I have the mind of Christ and can comprehend the things of the Spirit. Surely, You can do exceedingly, abundantly, far above all the positive things I can think or ask. To You be all the glory!


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