Friday, 27 May 2011

The three invitations of Christ

The first invitation that Christ gives to all in the world is a "come". Everyone is invited to come unto Him with all their burdens, fears and weights. In exchange, the Lord has promised to give rest, much-needed rest to much-weary souls. This is the rest we receive at salvation. Oh what a joyous day this is both on earth (in the heart of the saved) and in heaven (in the company of angels)! If you have known this joy - this endless joy of salvation - you have already come. Praise God!

The second invitation narrows down a bit, because it is not to everyone but to those who have already come to Him. To these ones Christ will say, "sit". After coming to receive rest, we are expected to sit at His feet and learn of Him - His heart, His ways, His passion and His agenda. We learn His meekness and begin to conform to His image. Oh what a process this is, one that strips us of ourselves and cloaks us with His self - His life. Many who come to Christ hurriedly leave. They do not have the patience to sit, to learn and to mature through obedience. They leave with their blessing of rest without yet knowing the place of rest. Not knowing how to sustain the blessing, it is only a matter of time before they have to come again with burdens, needing rest and thus repeating the process all over.

The third invitation narrows down even more. It is to those who have not only come but have also sat for a season. Amongst these, the Lord extends an invitation for active involvement in His eternal programme. To these ones the Lord will say, "go!" This go launches them into the reason for which they were created. Fully equipped with the knowledge of the Holy One and His Spirit, they set out in obedience to fulfill their Master's bidding. They are no longer settlers in this world, but pioneers with a heavenly, ambassadorial agenda. Oh the joy of partnership with the Lord in His glorious work on earth!

Which of the invitations have you hearkened? Come? Sit? Go?

I beseech you, don't just come to God for blessings; sit at His feet and learn of Him. Don't be a forgetful learner that always needs to repeat the lessons of life; drop every personal ambition and pursue the Kingdom and the righteousness thereof. Understand that there is a "go" that you have to obey in this life; the purpose for which you will be remembered amongst men and judged amongst saints.

The Lord is still calling: Come! Sit! Go!


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