Thursday, 26 May 2011

Nowhere to hide!

As David once wrote, there is nowhere on earth or under the earth that a person can go to hide from God. Not that I am looking for somewhere to hide or any such thing; I am just acknowledging His Omnipotence that continues to benefit those who belong to Him.

I belong to God, but this 'belonging' cannot be by mouth. It must be substantiated by constant obedience. Whenever we are in disobedience - whatever the issue - it does feel like we are hiding, because God's Spirit will continuously tug on us and speak to our spirits. From this tugging, there is nowhere to hide. Those who are truly His will recognise this grace and yield to the Lord, whatever He is saying and demanding.

Okay. It's confession time! No, I have not done anything worthy of death. My confession is that I have not posted any blog for a long, long time (even though the Lord had wanted me to; He was the One who got this thing going in the first place!). From this reality, there is nowhere for me to hide. I now yield myself (again!) to the Lord and to this ministry.

Thank you Lord, for grace for every new beginning!

(Friend, is there anything you are hiding from? Remember, there's nowhere to hide from God!)


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