Monday, 4 February 2008

Looking forward

It has been a great week in Atlanta. But good things will come to an end - sooner or later. Today is the day as far as Atlanta is concerned. I board a plane to London this evening. Can't wait!

As good as Atlanta has been, there's nowhere like home. The houses here are massive and cozy, but there is still nowhere like home (I can just imagine Destiny and Daniel screaming when they meet me at home on their way back from school - or if I go pick them from school! That would be good!).

Also, there is nowhere like your place of assignment. UK is my place of assignment, and I am looking forward to the things God will do once I get back. The Lord has promised a breakthrough on every side.

Oh Lord, take control of the journey back home. I look forward to things You will do in London, all to Your glory and praise. Amen.


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