Friday, 7 December 2007

A revolution is on the way!

Blogging from Embassy of God in Kiev. So glad to be at the Winter Fast to witness first hand a revolution that is about to hit the body of Christ and the world. This is no joke; the message of the kingdom of righteousness will fill the earth as the waters cover the sea!

This is what my whole being has been waiting for; the true essence of life in God. Such a shaking is about to hit the religious system of "Charismagic Christianity". Sadly, the lamp of many will stop burning because they have run out of oil. Please, please, NOW is the time for us to fill up in God and trim our lamps. Every out-of-line concept that is not based on the totality of God's Truth will be shaken to the core. Do not be caught unawares.

I have seen, heard and worshipped with many living testimonies. Ex-drug addicts now reaching other drug addicts; ex-prostitutes now living free and influencing thousands of school students; ex-transexual launching a ministry to others still bound... the list is endless. Every sphere of society is being covered by the great army I have fellowshipped with here in Kiev. Now, the understanding and revelation that birthed this church is going global through the Churchshift movement. I am glad to be a part.

Let the earth hearken for the glory of God is here!


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Faultline USA 9 December 2007 at 22:46  

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Kawana Aminata Oliver 10 December 2007 at 22:05  

Thanks for Blogging, I shall visit you often ;-)

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