Monday, 22 October 2007

The destiny of nations

Our commission from Christ requires us to take responsibility for the destiny of nations and not just the destiny of people. As we seek the kingdom of God in our nation of calling, surely the people in the nation will be impacted by the righteousness of the kingdom. However, if we only seek to reach people, the nation may still end up in ruin, especially if the people are not taught to express their faith everywhere in the nation.

We are to disciple all nations and bring the rule of God to bear on society. Tall order, but not impossible with the power and authority of God in us. For this purpose, a drastic shift is taking place in many sections of the church. We need to see things in a different way to how we have always seen things. We need a perspective that is all-inclusive and not subjective. We need to exercise the rule of Christ even in the midst of His enemies.

Let us arise, take the destiny of our nations into our hands and see what the Lord will do through us. With God, nothing shall be impossible!

Father, I arise!


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