Tuesday, 24 July 2007


What force! What devastation! What next?

The nation has been rocked by torrents of rain and rising river levels. Hundreds of homes have been affected; roads made for cars have become passageways for boats. Insurance costs keep soaring; more rain is being forecast...

Incidences like this are never fully anticipated. Some preparation was in place but it just was not adequate. Another £2bn has been promised. So much, too late (at least for the present crisis). We pray comfort for the affected communities.

Now, revival will have the same effect, especially if we are not ready for it. How well will the church cope with a mighty outpouring of righteousness? Will the move of the Spirit be a rain of blessing or judgement? All our hidden dirt will be uncovered by the flood and our weak infrastructures will be shaken by the glory. Now is the time to prepare ourselves. Committing our all after the outpouring will be too much, too late. Selah.


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